Sustainable Mopping

got to work on Friday morning, this is what I get in my I.M.

(BTW - my dad doesn't speak English)

[10:08:32 AM] : your dad is washing our plywood floors with toilet water!!!!!!

[10:08:37 AM] : he put the mop in the toilet

[10:08:51 AM] : and then used it to mop the plywood floors

[10:11:04 AM] : i told him NO!!!

[10:11:37 AM] : asked him how it's clean

[10:11:45 AM] : then he lied and said it was the 1st time he did it

[10:12:01 AM] : and i was suspicious

[10:12:21 AM] : why would he be taking the mop into the bathroom and flushing the toilet

[10:12:24 AM] : then i saw him do it

[10:12:45 AM] : that was the 2nd time

[10:12:51 AM] : and i yelled at him 'no'

[10:13:05 AM] : he's now washing our plywood floors with water and vinegar

[10:13:07 AM] : same mop

[10:13:11 AM] : sorry to bother you about that

[10:13:21 AM] : i just cant believe it

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  1. Anonymous9/03/2009

    lol :o)
    i would love to hear the same story from our friends in MT :D