Sustainable Mopping

got to work on Friday morning, this is what I get in my I.M.

(BTW - my dad doesn't speak English)

[10:08:32 AM] : your dad is washing our plywood floors with toilet water!!!!!!

[10:08:37 AM] : he put the mop in the toilet

[10:08:51 AM] : and then used it to mop the plywood floors

[10:11:04 AM] : i told him NO!!!

[10:11:37 AM] : asked him how it's clean

[10:11:45 AM] : then he lied and said it was the 1st time he did it

[10:12:01 AM] : and i was suspicious

[10:12:21 AM] : why would he be taking the mop into the bathroom and flushing the toilet

[10:12:24 AM] : then i saw him do it

[10:12:45 AM] : that was the 2nd time

[10:12:51 AM] : and i yelled at him 'no'

[10:13:05 AM] : he's now washing our plywood floors with water and vinegar

[10:13:07 AM] : same mop

[10:13:11 AM] : sorry to bother you about that

[10:13:21 AM] : i just cant believe it


Nothing to be ashamed off...

Yesterday going back home on the train I had time to reflect for a couple of minutes until someone stepped on my foot.

This summer presented me with this amazing opportunity to work on myself. Something in me grasps it. Something embraces it. And, of course, there is another part. The old story begins - that part does not want to go through the turmoil. But not that it doesn’t want it a 100%. It’s just that this part is tired and needs to be re-energized a bit. Once it gets a little breather, it’s becomes less disinterested.

But there is no breather. And this is what is great about this summer. It shattering a naïve outlook I had about myself. About my abilities to work. About my accomplishments in these years efforts. Accomplishments? What’s that? Everything still happens with me. Efforts? What efforts? One effort that I would attempt against one little push of a button?

I learnt to play checkers and make a good move once in a while. What happens when the game changes to chess? Where are the previous simple efforts - the ones that can help me? Can they? If they can’t, then I was going in a completely wrong direction and have to start from the very beginning. I would like to think that I was working in the right direction. But how little! And, again, how naïvely!

I was thinking about all this last night, while my father was trying pair after pair of jeans in the “XXX store”. Right in there by the shelves where jeans were displayed. Replying to my suggestion to use the fitting room with “Nothing to be ashamed off, I am wearing my brand new trousers”.


Been working on this bug for two and a half days. Feeling pretty dumb and down. Got an email from one of the guys who hired me for my first dev position. He writes:

-I’ll let you in on a secret.. It wasn’t about if you got the answers right or wrong….. anyone can learn that shit. It’s about showing passion, desire and willingness to try. That’s what makes a good developer. Don’t ever lose those qualities.

I gotta remember this more often. Why am I in it? I just wanted to code. That's all. ...going back to that bug.